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Re: a new port of oleg's ssax xml parser to plt

Kirill Lisovsky wrote:

> Neil's port is optimized for PLT, and elimination of some cond-expand's
> will have a positive impact on SSAX performance. It's collection,
> it uses modules etc.  PLT-only people (I mean v200) have to switch to
> it ASAP, I believe.

Awesome.  Thanks for the quick response, Kirill.  (And thanks again,

Folks, here's a thought.  The XML collection that is currently in the
PLT distribution has two features:

- it's already in use in several places
- it's more lightweight than SSAX (my impression, anyway)

It won't parse megs of data with speed, but it's great for generating
Web pages, etc.

Would people prefer to see both available?  SSAX for real projects, a
simple XML collection (`lxml', say, for `lightweight XML') that is
ideal for tasks like generating Web sites?  We would get rid of some
layers of indirection currently in those data structures, perhaps.

(A request: Please reply directly to me so we don't clog up the list,
unless you specifically want to discuss something.)