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Re: a new port of oleg's ssax xml parser to plt


On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote:

> Neil, thanks a ton for doing this port.  I believe there was an older
> one by one of the guys in Russia (Kirill?).  If he reads this, maybe
> he can follow up, and you both can coordinate the care and feeding?
Sure. I've contacted Neil already.

For PLT 103 "old" port is

It is/was actively used, including a couple of commercial projects.

For PLT 200 alphas I was using
and latest util.scm (version 1.2) from:
instead of common.scm and util.scm included in ssax-plt-49.tgz

I'm not using SSAX with 200alpha in production (yet!), but in a number 
of student projects it proves stable. 

I have to admit that in my "port" primary target was unified codebase for 
a half-dozen of different Schemes.  

Neil's port is optimized for PLT, and elimination of some cond-expand's
will have a positive impact on SSAX performance. It's collection,
it uses modules etc.  PLT-only people (I mean v200) have to switch to
it ASAP, I believe.

Best regards,