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Re: a new port of oleg's ssax xml parser to plt

MJ Ray wrote:

> Will this become part of PLT Scheme?  What are the main things to consider
> when choosing between SSAX and PLT's own XML collection for particular
> tasks?

You should use Oleg's!  He has done a far more comprehensive job on
this than we have (dealing with *real* XML, not a fantasized variant
thereof).  Over time, it'd be great for the Scheme community to all
contribute to a single XML library, and Oleg's should be it.  [I'm
working separately w/ Oleg on some higher-level issues of the library
(traversal operators, etc).]  Let's not let Neil's cycles go to waste.

Neil, thanks a ton for doing this port.  I believe there was an older
one by one of the guys in Russia (Kirill?).  If he reads this, maybe
he can follow up, and you both can coordinate the care and feeding?

Thanks again -- this is fun!