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reading htdp solutions


a couple of days ago I asked in comp.lang.scheme:

| Hi schemers,
| I'm evaluating some programming languages for use of my new project. I 
| started with Java, Perl, Python and now Scheme.
| I'd like to do extensive database queries (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL) 
| and need to have a GUI on Windows as well as on Linux. I also need the 
| possibility for text displays and dynamic web page generation. The
| generated code should be compiled to native code (for Windows and
| Linux respectively) at the end.
| Of course this could be achived using C, but personally I don't like C 
| and I think I'm faster using "a modern language".
| Would you recommend Scheme for my project? Where should I start (I
| downloaded DrScheme already and started with www.htdp.org)? Are there
|  libraries for database support, report generating and GUI design?
| Any hints are highly appreciated.

I was adviced to take a closer look to plt-scheme. Thus I started 
evaluating. I found htdp, but I'm not able to read the solutions. Since 
I'm no teacher (I try to learn scheme by myself) is there a possibility 
to read them?

BTW: What do you readers think of my requirements. Is Scheme the best 
choice (especially compared to Python)?

Best Regards,