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Re: mzc on NetBSD

Quoting Brian Gregor:
> > (load-extension "bitmatrix.so")
> load-extension: couldn't open "/home/brian/src/bitmatrix.so"
> (/home/brian/src/bitmatrix.so: Undefined symbol "scheme_lookup_global"
> (reloc type = 2, symnum = 26))
> >
> Is this a PLT issue or a NetBSD-specific issue?  A similar
> error happens if I try to compile a Scheme file, and the
> same situation happens with 200alpha12.

Probably the link line needs -rdynamic, same as FreeBSD. Try adding it
to the end of <your-build-dir>/mzscheme/Makefile line 91, delete
<your-build-dir>/mzscheme/mzsche, and re-make.

If that works, can you tell me the result of `uname -s'? Then I'll fix
the configure script.

Alternate solution: when you run configure, try --enable-dynlib.
Probably libtool knows the right linking flags...