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Re: reading htdp solutions

> I was adviced to take a closer look to plt-scheme. Thus I started 
> evaluating. I found htdp, but I'm not able to read the solutions. Since 
> I'm no teacher (I try to learn scheme by myself) is there a possibility 
> to read them?

I don't know.  You may prefer a less <insert-suitable-adjective>
introduction such as Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days, or the Little
Schemer/Seasoned Schemer combination is also very popular.  Then you could
probably tackle HTDP without serious problems, if you can't already.  I
think for the sort of problem you describe, HTUS is a more useful book, but
it's incomplete and probably won't teach enough Scheme if you don't know it

> BTW: What do you readers think of my requirements. Is Scheme the best 
> choice (especially compared to Python)?

Best is relative.  As I said before: I'm biased.  Where python probably has
the edge over us at the moment is in the number of programmers and the sheer
size of support programmers, but I think we have at least as many libraries. 
I should get off my backside and package the useful I've developed.