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mzc on NetBSD

mzc runs fine on NetBSD (i386) but compiled extensions fail to
load properly.  This is using both gcc 2.95.3 and egcs-1.1.2.

The example file 'bitmatrix.c' gives this error in mzscheme:
Welcome to MzScheme version 103, Copyright (c) 1995-2000 PLT (Matthew
> (load-extension "bitmatrix.so")
load-extension: couldn't open "/home/brian/src/bitmatrix.so"
(/home/brian/src/bitmatrix.so: Undefined symbol "scheme_lookup_global"
(reloc type = 2, symnum = 26))

Is this a PLT issue or a NetBSD-specific issue?  A similar
error happens if I try to compile a Scheme file, and the
same situation happens with 200alpha12.