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Re: Reasons, why Miss Scheme should collect her garbage before shutdown.

thank you very much for the in depth explanation of all problems that
would result from GC on exit. Now, I understand that calling
finalisers before exit could possibly corrupt the reliability of the
termination-mechanism of MzScheme which is to be prevented at any
expense. For the very same reason you'll propably not provide an
exit-hook to extension-programmers either. 
Maybe tossing a line into the "Inside PLT Scheme"-Manual that tells
about the limitations of finalisers would prevent others from falling
into the same pit as I did.
Speaking of reliability: Good long-term-performance is critical to the
programs I want to build using MzScheme. Thus, I'd like to try out the
more precise GC that goes by the name of "3m". Does it include a
copying facility to avoid fragmentation of the heap? Maybe it's not
yet ported to Windows anyway? If I'd program an extension using "3m":
would the interface to the GC remain the same? Does it interact well
with embedding and extending C-programs? Maybe 3m" will even be the
default GC of PLT-Scheme in the future?