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Re: mzscheme carbon


I want to build a carbon application (OS 9 and X) using MzScheme 200 alpha.

But if I include the MzScheme-lib.lib (Classic) in my project, I get 
many link errors.

- undefined 'CallUniversalProc'

- undefined 'PBOpenSync'

- undefined 'c2pstr'


In the MzScheme mac project, there are two targets, Classic and OSX, but 
not Carbon. 

How can I resolve theses link errors and keep a carbonized application ?


John Clements wrote:

> At 11:39 AM +0100 1/11/02, Thierry Duvignac wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there a carbon version of MzScheme ?
>> If  not, when this version will be available ?
>> Thanks,
>> Thierry.
> YES!  MzScheme has been available for Mac OS X for some time.  You can 
> get the 200alpha1 bundle from <http://download.plt-scheme.org/>
> In all honesty, though, MzScheme is a purely text-based command-line 
> tool.  Therefore, there's nothing "carbon" about it.  Did you intend 
> to ask about DrScheme?
> john