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Re: Check syntax

We have made major revisions to macro definition and check syntax, due
out for the next release, so probably the best thing is to either wait
for that, or to use the version we release via anonymous CVS. See this
web page for details:


Hope that helps,


Quoting Zbyszek Jurkiewicz:
> The syntax checker in DrScheme has troubles with macros,
> e.g. does not unterstand class/d giving for the first
> definition "definition: invalid position for internal 
> definition" and stopping without checking anything.
> Similar behavior with opt-lambda.
> However, files load without problem (e.g. using
> "Execute" button) and work.
> Question: should I turn on some flag or do some
> other action?
> Regards,
> Zbyszek Jurkiewicz
> University of Warsaw