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Piping Scheme scripts


	This should be simple, but I'm having a hard time getting a Scheme
program to behave such that a call like

	> mzscheme -f script.scm | echo

will actually pass something through the pipe to `echo'. I've tried
various combinations of write, display, print, printf, pretty-print,
fprintf, and a selection of output ports (including the output port from
(make-pipe)), all without success. I'm at the point where I'm missing
something simple, and can't see the forest because all these trees keep
getting in my way...

	My goal is to have a Scheme program that can be called from a
third party app. via. a popen() read call. My naive assumption has been
that if I can get a script playing with pipes, then I'll have solved the
problem with the third-party app. as well.

	Thanks much,

Matt Jadud                          mjadud at indiana dot edu
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