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Re: Languages

Paul Argentoff schrieb:
> Is there any progress in DrScheme/MzScheme localisation? I'd like to write
> some apps using Cyrillic, even though we, Russian scientistst, usually are
> good in English ;-).

simply look at the current plt CVS -k exp the collects/string-constants 
and add your system constants you need. the rest is self-explanatory.
currently there's english, german, french and spanish.
most strings are just for the DrScheme GUI.

load your app-specific constants in the same way.
But the current codepage is only Latin-1. Don't know how to extend that...

Reini Urban
  http://atelier.akbild.ac.at/ (soon)
  http://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/home/rurban/ (big)
  http://tv.mur.at/ (kulturelles)