Matthew Turner wins CoE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

August 23, 2016

It takes more than just knowledge and experience to be an effective teaching assistant. It also takes devotion and time . . . lots of time.

Matthew Turner, a beloved TA in the School of Computing proves that all of those qualities, along with a deep understanding of what students need, are the hallmarks of a successful assistant. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what students have to say about his work with them:

“On many occasions he would stay in the lab for hours after his allotted time slot . . . and he would spend ample time with each student who had a question,” remarked one student.

“Matthew is by far the best TA I ever had,” said another. “Not only were all of his answers quick, concise, and accurate, he also stayed after his hours to help students with the difficult assignment.”

Those were just a handful of the accolades that Matthew has received from grateful students he has supported, and there are many more. Thanks to his enthusiastic spirit and commitment to serve, the students Matthew helps can keep moving forward, knowing that he’s just a question away.

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