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Consultant (if applicable)

NSF definition: Professional and consultant services are services rendered by persons who are members of a particular profession or possess a special skill, and who are not officers or employees of the proposing organization.
Note: Anticipated services must be justified and information furnished on each individual’s expertise, primary organizational affiliation, normal daily compensation rate, and number of days of expected service. Consultants’ travel costs, including subsistence, may be included.

Sub-Contracts (if applicable)

A formal technical and cost proposal is required for each subcontractor.
Please list the institutions and PI/co-PIs at these institutions.
Will the sub-contract be handling any clinical trials on this award?
Will any part of these sub-contracts be conducted in another country?
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Other information (as applicable)

Will any portion of this project be conducted at an off-campus location (a location not owned or rented by the University of Utah)?
Please indicate where and for how long this project will be conducted at an off-campus location.
Will a waiver or reduction in the negotiated F&A rate for this project be requested? If yes, then a follow-up email will be sent to you for additional information and the eProposal will be sent to sOSP for review and then to the VP for Research approval.
Note: This question can be marked "No" if the sponsoring agency is a private foundation or non-profit entity that has a published rate that limits the F&A allowed for their awards. In this case, no waiver is required.
Will this project involve the use of sponsor equipment or consultants, require university cost-sharing, generate income, or include the extended absence of key personnel?
Have you discussed any issues with the sponsor - or signed any agreements - related to confidentiality, publications, ownership, data, patents, licenses, or intellectual property?
Will your project require additional university resources for its performance?
Is this proposal a clinical trial?
Will any part of your project be conducted in, involve travel to, involve personnel from, or be sponsored by a company from another country?
Will any non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. permanent resident (e.g. faculty, staff, students, post-doc trainees) assist or be involved with this project in any way?
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Additional Information

Please include any relevant information for your proposal that isn't already covered in the above questions, or provide more thorough explanations if necessary.