Research Proposals Guide

eProposals Process

Any proposal submitted by a PI on behalf of the University of Utah requires specific internal paperwork (eProposal) to be approved and sent to the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). The eProposal is made up of the document summary sheet (DSS), budget, justification and a proposal summary. Please notify the SoC grants/contracts admin ( Tanis Garcia – ) as soon as possible about any anticipated proposal submissions. OSP requires the completed eProposal to be approved and at OSP 5 BUSINESS DAYS before the proposal due date. After notifying the SoC department about the future proposal the next step is to complete the Proposal Submission for DSS form. You can also find the link for this form on the SoC website under “Faculty Information”.

After you complete and submit this form it will be routed to the SoC grants/contracts admin (Tanis Garcia), Karen Feinauer and the other accountants will be cc’d on this email. The admin should get back to you within 24 hours about taking care of the required internal paperwork for your proposal. The grants and contracts admin will be able to create the budget and justification for your proposal. You will need to provide SoC with a proposal summary for the internal approval process. This proposal summary doesn’t need to be the final draft, but it should assist the approvers with understanding what they are approving.

After the SoC grants and contracts admin has all of the necessary internal documents and information to complete the DSS, then the eProposal is routed electronically for approvals. The PI and Co-PIs will be the first approvers, then the SoC chair and finally the dean’s office for the College. If this proposal involves different departments within the University, then the other department’s chair and dean will be added to the approval list. After all of the necessary approvals are obtained the eProposal will be automatically routed to OSP.

Submission Process

After the ePrposal is approved and at OSP, then the SoC grant and contract admin can assist with uploading documents to the proposal package or with reviewing the solicitation for any additional requirements. The SoC grants and contracts admin prefers to perform a “check” of the finished package BEFORE this is sent to OSP for review and submission. Please notify her if you have any questions at all.

Due to a new federal grant submission process a new schedule for proposal submission has been put into place. Note that it is necessary to let SoC know about any intended proposal submission in advance so that if a particular signatory is going to be out of the office then a backup signatory can be alerted to the upcoming duties. If no advance warning is given, then the proposal deadline may be missed. It’s your choice. A warning minimum of 10 days prior to the proposal deadline is appreciated. Current signatories for this process are Mike Kirby (SoC), Eric Eddings (COE). The only exception to this signatory list is for limited submission proposals, which typically will involve the VP of Research approval as well. The warning needs to be an email message to Your warning will be forwarded to Mike Kirby, Eric Eddings, and Laurel Duncan.

SoC Admin. Point of Contact
Tanis Garcia
OSP Point of Contact for SOC
Tanecia Echols
Industry Contract OSP Point of Contact>$50K
Gary Christensen
Industry Contract OSP Point of Contact<$50K
Trace Downey

Submission Schedule

10 days in advance of proposal deadline: notice of proposal submission and the due date sent via email to

For Cayuse (

Noon, 5 working days before the due date: OSP must have the completed and approved eProposal for review. Also, it is good practice to have your Cayuse package ready to review 5 working days before the due date. This includes the entire proposal, budget, letters of support, etc. Currently, NSF-CISE is still using Fastlane and most NIH proposals use

For NSF Fastlane Only:

Noon, 5 working days before the due date: Approved electronic copy of proposal summary, final budget, budget justification, and document summary sheet due in the OSP office.

8 a.m., 3 working days prior to the due date: OSP would like to see the completed proposal package ready for review 3 working days prior to the due date. This includes all portions of the proposal including letters of support. OSP will only guarantee submission if they receive the OK to submit 3 business days prior to the proposal due date.. Note for NSF proposals this means that all documents have been loaded into Fastlane and the “SRO access to view” button has to have been pushed.


We realize this impacts the way we all do business. If you read the memo from the VP of Research, you will notice that OSP will strive to submit proposals that do not meet these deadlines. That means if you work with OSP and cooperate with them, you can make the choice to modify the proposal beyond the 3-day limit (for instance, up until 8am of the day of the agency deadline). The risk is that OSP will not guarantee they will be able to submit the proposal. To guarantee submission, you must follow the proposal deadlines as outlined above.