Inside the U’s Big Data Certification Program

March 6, 2015

From analyzing weather patterns to determining how many clicks it takes before a customer hits “buy now,” the vast world of data analysis has become a major focal point for business, science and industry. This rapid cruise into the digital frontier has made the gathering and analysis of data much more accessible than it once was, and that has prompted industry leaders to invest their resources into people who can mine these seemingly endless data streams for valuable market information.


As more organizations come to rely on data analysis, the job market for those trained in data analysis is becoming more economically viable. Upon seeing this inevitable demand for skilled workers in the field of big data, Jeff Phillips, an assistant professor in the University of Utah’s school of computing, organized a big data certification program at the university.

“The University of Utah has a Ph.D. and a master’s program in data management and analysis, and we wanted something that captured the core elements of that program while being a little more attainable to people who are also working full time,” Phillips says.

Essentially, the big data certification program offers an opportunity for those who are already working in the field of computer science the ability to expand their repertoire to accommodate the increasing demand for data collection and analysis. “We’ve tried to make these classes accessible to those who are working by having classes in the late afternoon or early evening. We’ve also been experimenting with live streaming the classes with some people at Adobe,” Phillips says.

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