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This patch contains some preliminary work done to port the OSKit to the Alpha architecture. The code as it currently is works, and is used for, the GNU-hurd/alpha port. It has not yet been used for standalone OSKit kernels (e.g., the example kernels).

The OSKit/Alpha support was started by Andrew Miklic as part of the gnu-hurd/alpha development effort. Most of the actual coding of Alpha-specifics is complete, but there is still a lot to be tested (parts of kern still need some work). Known remaining work lies in gdb/stack-trace stuff, pc device support (oskit/pc and kern/pc), and IO port-space support (Alpha does not have any processor primitives as does x86 for iops access, so this is a chipset-specific/platform-specifc problem for Alpha).

Some initial work has also been done for the linux-dev and linux-fs libraries (2.2.x at the moment), but they still needs some work (they do not even finish compiling--the remaining work likely lies in finding/fixing/porting/etc. of some x86-specific portions of the glue code).

The latest (and sometime greatest) versions of the code can be found at http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/hurd-alpha under cvsroot/hurd-alpha/oskit. If you are interested in contributing to this work, please contact miklic@attglobal.net.

Using the patch

The patch is against the 20020317 ``St. Patrick's Day'' snapshot. To apply the patch:
	cd root-of-your-oskit-tree
	patch -p1 < path-to-patch
and then configure as indicated in the OSKit README file, except using
	--host=alpha-gnu --build=alpha-linux
(assuming you are building on an Alpha running Linux).


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