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Besides a lot of individual users, there are a number of projects using the OSKit. These are some of the ones we've been told about. Please let us know of others.

OS Projects

Mungi Project:
Mungi is a well-known single-address space operating system, developed at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

L4 ports:
In developing versions of the L4 microkernel to support Mungi, UNSW has ported much of the OSKit to 64 bit MIPS and is working on an Alpha port.

Exokernel Project:
The western Pennsylvania branch of the Exokernel Project at MIT is using the OSKit for its network device drivers.

Fiasco Project:
The Fiasco u-kernel project at the Technische Universitdt Dresden has built an L4-compatible microkernel using the OSKit.

Off distributed adaptable microkernel:
The Off distributed adaptable microkernel from Carlos III University and built on the OSKit, is the nucleus for the 2K distributed adaptable OS project at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

In building the GNU Network Boot Loader, The Free Software Foundation is using several parts of the OSKit.

Network Storage Solutions:
Network Storage Solutions is using the OSKit to provide the base hardware support for a "network appliance"-style server.

Here at Utah, Alchemy/Knit is using the OSKit to experiment with component composition for systems software.

Language-oriented Projects

Express Project:
The Express Project at MIT: Programming Language Structures for Systems Software. They have built an "ML/OS" that runs ML on the raw hardware and are using it explore the interaction between advanced programming languages, operating systems, and compilers.

The Programming Languages Team at Rice University ported their base Scheme implementation to the OSKit in five hours.

Here at Utah, the Janos project is constructing an OS customized for running Java byte code, targeted at active networks.

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