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Kaffe is an "open source" Java Virtual Machine. We use it in the Janos project, in addition to several other research efforts here at the University of Utah.

The CVS snapshot of Kaffe from Tue. Sep 5, 2000, should work without a hitch with the 20000901 snapshot of the OSKit. Other combinations of the OSKit and Kaffe should also work without too much difficulty. Please don't hesitate to ask on the OSKit mailing list if you're having trouble getting these two relatively large and complicated pieces of software to play together.

We recommend using Kaffe's public-access CVS repository to get a Kaffe snapshot. See the instructions on Kaffe's CVS page. Short version of those instructions:

cvs -d :pserver:readonly@cvs.kaffe.org:/cvs/kaffe login
(Read-only access password is "readonly".)
cvs -d :pserver:readonly@cvs.kaffe.org:/cvs/kaffe co kaffe
Or, you can download a tarfile complete with remote CVS links here: kaffe-cvs-20000904.tar.gz

Look at the OSKit documentation (config/i386/oskit/README) in the Kaffe distribution for instructions on configuring and building Kaffe for the OSKit.

Because both Kaffe and the OSKit are actively developed and independent projects, your luck may vary with later releases of either product. Internally, we generally have a most-recent Kaffe and most-recent OSKit that work together, so ask us if you need any help.

Older Kaffe/OSKit Snapshots:

  • For OSKit Snapshot 19991124:
    Read the README.
  • For OSKit Snapshot 990722:
    Read the README.
  • For OSKit 0.97 (Jan 15, 1999):
    Includes a Java minishell. Read the README and the Kaffe-OSKit instructions.
  • For OSKit 0.96 (Dec 18, 1998):
    That's old. Good luck. Here's the README.

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