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Toy example kernels from the directory examples/x86, OSKit Snapshot 20010214

Each .c file in this directory and in subdirs "more" and "threads" is an example kernel. All the kernels demonstrate or test some functionality of the OSKit. Don't take our editorial comments about the various classes of examples as gospel; obviously this classification was done quickly and crudely... please send us improvements. Also, there are a few more example kernels here than are present in this README. If you identify them, send us an update for this file.

Many of the examples hardcode various options, such as the ether device to open, or the drive partition to use, in #defines at the top of the file.

For documentation, see the header comments in the individual examples.

Trivial programs good for demonstrating how to build and boot a kernel:

Very simple programs that demonstrate how to use basic components:

Simple programs that demonstrate the use of more complex components:

Slightly more complex programs that use the network components:

Slightly more complex programs that use the filesystem components:

Slightly more complex programs that use various components:

POSIX threads programs, listed in order of increasing complexity:

Misc programs:

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