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Active Projects

  • Network Testbed: Netbed, an outgrowth of Emulab, provides integrated access to three disparate experimental environments: simulated, emulated, and wide-area network testbeds. Netbed unifies all three environments under a common user interface, and integrates the three into a common framework.

Recent, Not-So-Active Projects

  • Janos: Java-oriented Active Network Operating System.
  • The OSKit: a framework and libraries for building and extending operating systems.
  • Khazana - An infrastructure for building distributed services.
  • Flick: the Flexible IDL Compiler Kit.
  • Fluke and Flask: a high-security microkernel and OS.

Inactive Projects, with Software

There are a lot. You can find many of them here. Others you can infer from our Flux Paper Page.

[ CMI ] [ CPU Broker ] [ Hourglass ] [ Jiazzi ] [ Knit ] [ Maya ] [ SPAK ]
[ Network Testbed ] [ Alchemy ] [ Self-Spreading Transport Protocols ]
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