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Older Projects and Software


Here are projects on which the Flux group is no longer active. Many of them generated a lot of software, much of which is still retrieved and used by people around the world.
  • Mach kernel: a major component of the overall Flux project is an improved kernel. Kernel development has moved to Fluke; major work on the Mach kernel has stopped.
  • Lites Unix server: we distribute a version of the Lites server.
  • A Mach/Lites/4.4-lite system: a snapshot of freely distributable PA-RISC source and binaries, in the form of a bootable, self-hosting Mach4, Lites, and 4.4-lite system for the hp700.
  • MOSS: a highly functional DOS extender based on part of the Flux OS toolkit, before it was completely modularized.
  • Goofie: developed by the Mach Shared Objects project, goofie creates portable object descriptions from C++ class declarations. In the future, Goofie may be used by the Flux project to enable system-provided polymorphic functions.
  • PA-RISC GNU tools: we used to maintain the GNU language tools for HP's PA-RISC architecture. The versions here, in both source and HP-UX binary forms, are now fairly dated.

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