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Alchemy Project Logo The Alchemy project integrates support for cross-cutting concerns, also called aspects, into component-based programming.

Aspects that span natural component boundaries are particularly pervasive within low-level systems software, embedded software, and middleware: such aspects include concerns such as concurrency, memory management, and real-time scheduling. Alchemy explores new ways of dealing with such cross-cutting issues in realistic systems and embedded software, thus making the software both easy to configure and robust.

The Alchemy project is creating new language and tool suites for componentizing systems and embedded software, with particular attention to the specification, verification, and optimized implementation of cross-cutting dependencies. The Alchemy project is also integrating new quality of service (QoS) aspect technologies with existing component-based systems, such as BBN's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Open Experimental Platform (OEP).

Alchemy is supported by DARPA under the Program Composition for Embedded Systems (PCES) program.


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