Runtimes in the Cloud

June 23, 2019 • Phoenix, AZ

Morning Session

In conjunction with ISCA 2019

About The Tutorial

Modern data-centers must support sprawling, interconnected software systems subject to constant revision. The complexity of software continuous evolution, deployment and interactions makes the exact runtime conditions of software difficult to predict and as consequence, difficult to optimize. Cloud computing exacerbates the complexity of this problem by expanding the diversity of codes potentially involved in these situations.

In light of this growing software complexity, maximizing system performance requires runtime mechanisms to continuously measure workload behavior and adapt to dynamic workload conditions. In this tutorial, speakers from industry and academia will examine how they combine hardware and runtime systems such as Java, .Net and other emerging language runtime to meet performance needs today, while highlighting where today’s systems fall short.

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Pheonix, AZ


June 23, 2019


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