Celebrate U Event Congratulates SoC Faculty

April 5, 2016

Congratulations to Robert M. Kirby, Martin Berzins, Valerio Pascucci, Rob Ricci and Eric Eide who were recently honored at this years Celebrate U: A Showcase of Extraordinary Faculty Achievements event. The event highlighted University of Utah faculty who reached a pinnacle of professional success in 2015. Faculty honored had authored a book, were primary contributors to a realized creative work, or were the top-funded researchers in their college.

Etiene, Tiago, Robert M. Kirby, and Cláudio T. Silva. An Introduction to Verification of Visualization Techniques. San Rafael: Morgan & Claypool, 2015.

Top faculty research awards and grant recipients
Martin Berzins (College of Engineering), Robert M. Kirby (College of Engineering), Dmitry Bedrov (College of Engineering), and Valeria Molinero (College of Science), co-Principal Investigators. Alliance for Computationally-Guided Design of Energy Efficient Electronic Materials.

Eric Eide (College of Engineering) and Robert P. Ricci (College of Engineering), co-principal Investigators. CI-EN: Revitalizing Emulab for Modern Networking and Systems Research.

Valerio Pascucci (College of Engineering) and James Sutherland (College of Engineering), co-principal investigators. Scalable Algorithms for Multiscale Modeling and Analysis of Turbulent Combustion.