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7 Book-Style Indexing🔗

Provides a list of style properties to attach to a Scribble document that contains an index part, making the index more suitable for a traditional rendering on paper. The style properties cause index entries to be merged when they have the same content, with (potentially) multiple page numbers attached to the merged entry.

Combine these style properties with others for the style of a part (typically specified in title) for a document that contains an index. The style properties enable index merging and select an implementation based on the cleveref Latex package.


#lang scribble/base
@(require scriblib/book-index
          (only-in scribble/core make-style))
@title[#:style (make-style #f book-index-style-properties)]{Demo}
This paragraph is about @as-index{examples}.
This paragraph is about @as-index{examples}, too.