2 HTML Generation🔗

The scribble/html language provides a way to generate HTML that is different from scribble/base. The scribble/base approach involves describing a document that can be rendered to HTML, Latex, or other formats. The scribble/html approach, in contrast, treats the document content as HTML format plus escapes.

Specifically, scribble/html is like scribble/text, but with the following changes:

When scribble/html is used via require instead of #lang, then it does not change the printing of values, and it does not include the bindings of racket/base.

The scribble/html/resource, scribble/html/xml, and scribble/html/html libraries provide forms for generating HTML as strings to be output in the same way as scribble/text.

    2.1 Generating HTML Strings

      2.1.1 Other HTML elements

    2.2 Generating XML Strings

    2.3 HTML Resources