1 raco make: Compiling Source to Bytecode🔗

The raco make command accept filenames for Racket modules to be compiled to bytecode format. Modules are re-compiled only if the source Racket file is newer than the bytecode file and has a different SHA-1 hash, or if any imported module is recompiled or has a different SHA-1 hash for its compiled form plus dependencies.

    1.1 Running raco make

    1.2 Bytecode Files

    1.3 Dependency Files

    1.4 API for Making Bytecode

    1.5 API for Parallel Builds

    1.6 Compilation Manager Hook for Syntax Transformers

    1.7 API for Simple Bytecode Creation

    1.8 API for Bytecode Paths

    1.9 Compiling to Raw Bytecode

    1.10 API for Raw Compilation

      1.10.1 Bytecode Compilation

      1.10.2 Recognizing Module Suffixes

      1.10.3 Loading Compiler Support

      1.10.4 Options for the Compiler

      1.10.5 The Compiler as a Unit Signatures Main Compiler Unit Options Unit

    1.11 API for Reading Compilation Dependencies