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19 SSL Unit: tcp^ via SSL🔗

The net/ssl-tcp-unit library provides a function for creating a tcp^ implementation with openssl functionality.


(make-ssl-tcp@ server-cert-file    
  client-root-cert-files)  unit?
  server-cert-file : (or/c path-string? #f)
  server-key-file : (or/c path-string? #f)
  server-root-cert-files : (or/c (listof path-string?) #f)
  server-suggest-auth-file : path-string?
  client-cert-file : (or/c path-string? #f)
  client-key-file : (or/c path-string? #f)
  client-root-cert-files : (listof path-string?)
Returns a unit that implements tcp^ using the SSL functions from openssl. The arguments to make-ssl-tcp@ control the certificates and keys uses by server and client connections: