24 Command-Line Tools and Your Editor of Choice🔗

Although DrRacket is the easiest way for most people to start with Racket, many Racketeers prefer command-line tools and other text editors. The Racket distribution includes several command-line tools, and popular editors include or support packages to make them work well with Racket.

    24.1 Command-Line Tools

      24.1.1 Compilation and Configuration: raco

      24.1.2 Interactive evaluation

      24.1.3 Shell completion

    24.2 Emacs

      24.2.1 Major Modes

      24.2.2 Minor Modes

      24.2.3 Packages specific to Evil Mode

    24.3 Vim

      24.3.1 Enhanced Racket Support

      24.3.2 Indentation

      24.3.3 Highlighting

      24.3.4 Structured Editing

      24.3.5 REPLs

      24.3.6 Scribble

      24.3.7 Miscellaneous

      24.3.8 Older Versions of Vim

    24.4 Sublime Text

    24.5 Visual Studio Code