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[plt-scheme] list is moving

We will be moving the plt-scheme list from Utah to Brown.  The Spanish
language list (plt-scheme-es) will move also.  You will receive
notification later about the new location of the list.

The move will happen today, 2002-06-13, around 17h30 EST.  It would be
best if you did not post or perform any subscription changes starting
around 17h00 EST today until tomorrow, by which time the new list
should be fully functional.

By the way, please don't read anything into this move.  The Utah PLT
group continues to thrive under Matthew Flatt's leadership.  We're
only doing this because (a) the mailman interface seems better, and
(b) we moved some of our other lists from Rice to Brown, so it made
sense to consolidate them all on a single host.