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[plt-scheme] Another newbie programming problem (MzScheme)


I'm stuck again with a problem, due to extensive lack of Scheme 
programming experience. This time, I need to introduce top-level 
class definitions by template. Here's a sample how I would introduce 
top-level definitions:

(require (lib "class.ss"))

(define (test)
   (let ((df-expr
          '(define testclass% (class* Object% ()
                                (public hello)
                                (define (hello)
                                  (display "hello world"))
                                (super-instantiate ())))))
     (eval df-expr (interaction-environment))))

This seems to work.

1st Question: Does this really work, or does it just seem to work by chance?

Anyway, I have a whole bunch of class-names, their properties, their 
methods and super classes and so on. Now I need to 'fill' each of 
these class-defining data into a general class template that later 
gets defined in the above way on demand.

2nd Question: Is there a relatively easy way to  do this? What's the 
right approach?

Perhaps I should mention that I've read the MzScheme manual chapters 
about syntax patterns and pattern matching, but wasn't yet able to 
fully grasp them. That's why I ask.

Best regards,