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Re: [plt-scheme] web pages (was schemeunit and require-library)

At Sun, 19 May 2002 11:11:35 +0200, Sebastian H Seidel wrote:
> PS: Nice new PLT-pages under www.plt-scheme.org! My only critique:
> where is the link to the discussion-archive? 

There's a link on the "mailing list" page, which is linked from
"Support" on the DrScheme and MzScheme pages.

Probably the PLT Scheme page needs a "Support" sub-page, too.

> Why is
> contributor-software which is a valuable part of the project only a
> little link under the drscheme-page? I'd expect to find this on the
> main-software-page! 

Yes - I was supposed to fix that. I got distracted by trying to create
a new site where people can upload contributions directly. (More on
that soon, I hope.)

Meanwhile, it's the first link on the "software" sub-pages of DrScheme
and MzScheme.