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Re: [plt-scheme] schemeunit and require-library


The correct module-syntax is (require (lib "test.ss" "schemeunit")).

But wait - I was just curious and tried to set it up here at my little
cheerious computer and it didn't work at once.

Let me second-guess and assume that's because its supporting both
versions of plt-scheme (v103 and v200alpha12).

That is what helped me getting this up and running:

- Move the directory collects/schemeunit/schemeunit to
- Use the documentation under collects/doc/schemeunit and _not_ the
docs under collects/schemeunit/doc.

Did that help?

Thank you for introducing me to an interesting program,

PS: Nice new PLT-pages under www.plt-scheme.org! My only critique:
where is the link to the discussion-archive? Why is
contributor-software which is a valuable part of the project only a
little link under the drscheme-page? I'd expect to find this on the
main-software-page! Otherwise, it's kind of discriminating because the
greatest thing about PLT are the people behind it, IMHO, and that's
not restricted to the official ones.