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Re: Is it a bug in arithmetic operation, in printf ???

Sebastian H Seidel <Sebastian.H.Seidel@hno.med.uni-giessen.de> writes:


> By the way: does anybody run MzScheme in Emacs and knows how to get
> rid of the additional prompt that appears on each
> top-level-definition?

I haven't used Emacs in a long time, I use XEmacs¹ though.  And using
ILISP does the trick for me.  I use the following incantation in my

| (push (expand-file-name "~/lisp/ILISP") load-path)
| (load-library "completer")
| (autoload 'mzscheme     "ilisp" "Inferior MzScheme Scheme." t)
| (setq ilisp-program "mzscheme")

and then `M-x mzscheme'.  After that, loading a file, evaluating a
region with several definitions, the whole buffer, etc. won't give the
nasty extra prompts.  According to the documentation, ILISP can be
found at:



¹ I once tried switching to DrScheme for everyday programming, God
knows I did, but couldn't make it. :-)