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Re: Is it a bug in arithmetic operation, in printf ???

On Mar  1, Sebastian H Seidel wrote:
> By the way: does anybody run MzScheme in Emacs and knows how to get
> rid of the additional prompt that appears on each
> top-level-definition?

You can write a very simple macro that will wrap the whole thing you
paste in a "(begin" and ")"...

> Maybe some fine-tuning of cmuscheme- or comint-mode is necessary to
> make this more beautiful?

...but for a more serious approach you should probably look into ilisp
(I think they added MzScheme support), but that might be an overkill.

> Still another question: Is there eventually some possibility to
> undefine all symbols?

AFAIK, the simplest solution would be switching to a fresh namespace:

| > (define a 1)
| > (current-namespace (make-namespace))
| > a
| reference to undefined identifier: a

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