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Re: Simple bitmap question

> Long story short: use on-paint :)

O.k. I'll buy that.


I accidently fell over this paragraph in Chapter 5 "Drawing Toolbox
Overview" of
the "MrEd Graphical Toolbox Manual".

    ;; Show the frame
    (send frame show #t)
    ;; Wait a second to let the window get ready
    (sleep/yield 1)
    ;; Draw the face
    (draw-face dc)

    The sleep/yield call is necessary under X because drawing to the canvas
has no
    effect when the canvas is not shown. Although the (send frame show #t)
    queues a show request for the frame, the actual display of the frame and
its canvas
    requires handling several events. The sleep/yield procedure pauses for a
    number of seconds, handling events while it pauses.

   [And continues to telle that overridin the on-paint method is better.]

Although overriding on-paint is the Right Thing (TM), I decided to try a

    (sleep/yield 1)

and it actually worked too (until I resize of course).

Still, I'll stick to overriding on-paint.

Thanks goes to Robby.

Jens Axel