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Re: SLIB loading...

Quoting Paulo J. Matos:
> I'm using DrScheme alpha12 and when I load SLIB (I've already set
> > (load "/usr/local/lib/slib/DrScheme.init")
> reference to undefined identifier: require-library
> It's strange, indeed there is no reference to require-library in
> help desk, is there any problem?

The "DrScheme.init" distributed with SLIB works for v103, but not v200.

In v200, use

  (load (build-path (collection-path "slibinit") "init.ss"))
  (require (lib "load.ss" "slibinit"))

Search for "slib" in Help Desk for more information.


P.S. -- Apologies to the list for answering the same question twice,
but this way the answer shows up in both places for the thread view of
the mail archive.