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CFP: CLIMA'02 - Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems

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                  Preliminary Call for Papers

     Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems (CLIMA'02)

                      Copenhagen, Denmark

                         August 1, 2002


            Affiliated with FLOC'2002 and ICLP'2002

             Submission Deadline: April 30th, 2002

Multi-agent  systems  (MAS)  have become an increasingly important
area  of  research,  not  least  because  of  the  advances in the
Internet and Robotics. However multi-agent systems can become very
complicated,  and,  consequently, reasoning about the behaviour of
such  systems  can  become  extremely  difficult. Therefore, it is
important  to  be able to formalise multi-agent systems and, to do
so  in  such  a  way that allows automated reasoning about agents'
behaviour. The purpose of this workshop is to present  techniques,
based  on  computational  logic (CL), for multi-agent systems in a
formal way.

In  1999,  the  ICLP'99  Workshop  on Multi-Agent Systems in Logic
Programming  was held and constituted the first in this series. It
was  followed  by  CLIMA'00  at CL2000 and CLIMA'01 at ICLP'01. In
2000,  we  announced  a special issue of the Annals of Math and AI
and  we  especially  invited  all  accepted papers of CLIMA'00 for
submission to this issue. We got over 20 submissions and the issue
will appear early in 2002. We are planning to continue this series
of workshops in the following years in order to foster interaction
between the multi-agent and the computational logic communities.

We  solicit  unpublished  papers that address formal approaches to
multi-agent  systems.  The approaches as well as being formal must
make  a  significant  contribution  to the practice of multi-agent
systems. Relevant techniques include the following:

* Non-monotonic reasoning in multi-agent systems
* Planning under incomplete information in multi-agent systems
* Usage of abduction in multi-agent systems
* Representation of knowledge and belief in multi-agent systems
* Temporal reasoning for multi-agent systems
* Theory of argumentation for multi-agent negotiation and
* Communication languages for multi-agent systems
* Distributed constraint satisfaction in multi-agent systems
* Decision theory for multi-agents
* Distributed theorem proving for multi-agent systems

Papers   should  be  written  in  English,  unpublished,  and  not
simultaneously  submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers should
be  formatted  according to the Springer LNCS style and not exceed
12  pages  including  figures,  references,  etc. Please send your
paper  in  PostScript  (PS) or Portable Document Format (PDF) file
format to jleite@di.fct.unl.pt.

* Submission: April 30th, 2002
* Notification of Acceptance: May 31st, 2002
* Final version due: June 20th, 2002
* CLIMA'02: August 1st, 2002

Informal workshop proceedings will be available.
As  in 2000, we are planning to have a special issue of the Annals
of  Math and AI on "Computational Logic and Multi-Agency". Authors
of  the  best  CLIMA'02  papers will be invited to submit extended
drafts  for  the  special  issue  as a part of the volume. Further
details will be announced shortly.

* Thomas Eiter, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
* Klaus Fischer, DFKI, Germany
* Michael Fisher, University of Liverpool, UK
* James Harland, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
* Wiebe van der Hoek, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
* Katsumi Inoue, Kobe University, Japan
* Lus Moniz Pereira, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
* V.S. Subrahmanian, University of Maryland, USA
* Francesca Toni, Imperial College, UK
* Paolo Torroni, University of Bologna, Italy

* Jrgen Dix
  The University of Manchester

* Joo Alexandre Leite
  New University of Lisbon

* Ken Satoh
  National Institute of Informatics,

Please  send  program  suggestions  and  inquires to either of the