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libmzgc.dll is not a valid Windows image

Hi all,

I tried to install (Win 2000) using the precompiled binaries from

When I run "MzScheme.exe -mvqL- setup.ss setup"
I got this error message:
"The application or DLL D:\plt\libmzgc.dll is not a valid Windows image.

Please check against your installation diskette."

I downloaded this file 3 times, therefore I don't think it is a transfer
problem.  Somewhere is said that the precompiled binaries are generated
daily, but this file dates from 23 JAN 2002.

best wishes

   Joerg KIPPE
   Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Informations- und Datenverarbeitung
   Fraunhoferstr. 1
   D-76131 Karlsruhe
   Email:        mailto:kip@iitb.fhg.de
   Telephone:    +49-721-6091-337
   FAX:          +49-721-6091-413