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Places to Look

The following sites distribute libraries for PLT Scheme:

PLT http://www.plt-scheme.org/software/
PLanetT http://planet.plt-scheme.org/
Schematics http://sourceforge.net/projects/schematics/
Scheme Cookbook Library Index http://schemecookbook.org/Cookbook/LibraryIndex
Neil Van Dyke http://www.neilvandyke.org/

Other Known Packages

The table below is a catch-all to list software packages that are not serviced by the above pages. Note that many of the packages below are for very old versions of PLT Scheme.

PackageDescriptionFor VersionsFor PlatformsOther RequirementsImplementor
dot-scheme.NET binding205 to 209WindowsNonePedro Pinto
mzgdbmgdbm interface103AllC compilerAlex Ott
SSAX-SXMLSSAX XML parsing framework200 to 209AllNoneOleg Kiselyov et al.
HtmlPragPermissive HTML parser that emits SXML200 to 209AllNoneNeil Van Dyke
MrMathematicaMathematica interface208 to 209AllMathematicaZhu Chongkai
to install...
Matlab interface200 to 209AllMatlab, C compilerSebastian Seidel
DigestMD5 implementation (RFC 1312; 128-bit fingerprint)103see siteC compilerBertrand Petit
to install...
Bindings for the mhash library for crytographic hashes200 to 209AllC compiler, mhash libPatrick Ekman
to install...
HTTP cookies103AllNoneFrancisco Solsona
MrEd DesignerTool for designing MrEd GUIs207 to 209AllNoneJean-Pierre Lozi
MzGtkAn interface to Gtk for MzScheme100 to 103UnixGtkRobert John Andersen
to install...
2D and 1D slider widgets100 to 103AllNoneMichael Sperber
to install...
A canvas for animations without flickering203 to 209AllNoneKatsmall the Wise
to install...
A GUI for designing simple MrEd GUIs102 to 103AllNonePLT
GLUTSCMOpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) for MzScheme200 to 209AllC compiler, GLUTCarlos Eduardo Scheidegger
mzshare.zipMidiShare interface100 to 103WindowsmidishareJacques Herry
speech.zipAn interface to the Microsoft Speech API100 to 103WindowsSpeech SDK 4.0, C++ compilerGary Bishop
Desktop Tools
MzVimPatches to Vim to embed MzScheme205 to 209AllVim, C compiler (Unix)Sergey Khorev
to install...
An IMAP mail client (with plenty of rough edges)203 to 209, 103AllNoneFlatt & Findler
to install...
Finds words to help you remember numbers202 to 209AllC compilerJohn Clements
Programming Tools
SwindleCLOS for MzScheme203 to 209AllNoneEli Barzilay
SpécialK (src,doc)Quasi-functional language to write algorithms in an easy way207 to 209AllNoneSylvain Beucler, Julien Charles, Pierre Châtel, Cyril Rodas
QuackEnhanced Emacs support for SchemeAllAllEmacsNeil Van Dyke
to install...
DrScheme tool to check for arity errors and unused bindings203 to 209AllNoneJohn Clements
PIC16F84Simulator for Microchip's PIC16F8x MCU200 to 209AllNoneVincent Hourdin
to install...
Algol60 plug-in for DrScheme204 to 209AllNonePLT
data viewerDrawing tree data structures103AllNoneOlivier Merigon
check-variables.scmA utility that checks for unbound variables53 to 209AllNoneWill Fitzgerald
to install...
Othello (addition to PLT Games application)203 to 209AllNoneTESQUET Sébastien
Tower of Hanoi, ChessTower of Hanoi animation (source), Chess player (no source)101 to 103AllNoneBenjamin Cornu
SnakesSnake game100 to 103AllNoneMickey Le Grand
weather-war.zipWeather War (a classic game)103AllNoneDaniel Lyle
to install...
Search a Magic the Gathering card database200 to 209, 103AllNoneFindler and Barland
TetrisThe classic video game201AllNoneGA Tech
Library Collections
SLIBThe Scheme Library100 to 209AllNoneAubrey Jaffer et al.
Textbook Support
Concrete AbstractionsUsing DrScheme with Concrete Abstractions53 to 209AllNoneMax Hailperin
to install...
Picture language of SICP200 to 209AllNoneMichael Sperber
FFI and C Tools
mppA pre-processor for interface code, derived from an ecolisp tool101 to 103Cygwin, UnixC compilerGregory Lampshire
to install...
For using the GNU readline library, especially in the MzScheme REPL205 to 209, 200 to 209, 103Unix, Cygwin?libreadline.a, C compilerMatthew Flatt
Examples and Tests
mzcomvb.zipTest suite for running MzCOM in Visual Basic 6.0102 to 103WindowsVisual BasicAndre Van Meulebrouck


When possible, contributions should be added to PLaneT.

To contribute other software or links for this page, please send mail to Matthew at mflatt@plt-scheme.org.

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