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Almost all of the projects includes formal software releases. The software can be found hanging off each project page.

Active Projects

  • Emulab Network Testbed - What was originally an "automated configurable cluster-based testbed" has turned into a kind of "operating system" for controlling collections of networked devices of all types, for the purpose of controlled experimentation.
  • ProtoGENI - Our prototype implementation and deployment of the NSF's Global Environment for Network Innovation (GENI). It will be a research network/testbed that is geographically distributed, contains diverse devices including wireless, supports many simultaneous experimenters, and allows end-users to use and exploit those experimental protocols.
  • Experimentation Workbench - Scientific workflow for networked systems experimentation: management of experiments, data, and analyses.
  • Time-travel for Closed Distributed Systems - Time-travel of closed distributed systems for debugging and development. Includes non-deterministic replay options as a feature (e.g., mutating debuggers), not a bug.
  • Flexlab - Flexibly accomodates different network models, typically derived from an overlay testbed. Also, a novel technique we call "Application-Centric Internet Modeling." The upshot is that you can get the best of PlanetLab (real network conditions) and Emulab (dedicated unloaded hosts, complete control over them and their software, better repeatability, friendlier development/debugging environment).

Recent, Not-So-Active Projects

  • Self-Spreading Transport Protocols - Rapid evolution of transport protocols. Uses a safe dialect of C (currently Cyclone), a special kernel sandbox, and a clever network trick to let you safely run new protocols that your communication peer ships to you.
  • Janos - Java-oriented Active Network Operating System. Parts of the process model we developed are getting into the Java standard via JSR-121.
  • Alchemy/Knit - Component composition for systems software.

Inactive Projects, with Software

  • The OSKit - A framework and libraries for building and extending operating systems.
  • Khazana - An infrastructure for building distributed services.
  • Flick - The Flexible IDL Compiler Kit.
  • Fluke and Flask - A high-security microkernel and OS. Security-Enhanced Linux and SEBSD are based on the the Flask security architecture, though in completely different implementations.
  • There are a lot more. You can find many of them here. Others you can infer from our Flux Paper Page.

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