Data Science Seminar
Instructor : Jeff Phillips
Spring 2019 | Thursday 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm
Location : MEB 3147 (LCR)
Catalog number: CS 7941 01

This is the Data Science Seminar. Students enrolled in CS 7941 will hear and present cutting edge research in data science (including topics on data mining, machine learning, databases, and algorithms). This can be taken for 1 credit (please do not register for more than 1). All are welcome to attend.
Date Topic Speaker
Thur 1.10 Welcome and Overview
Thur 1.17 VC Dimension of Curves Jeff Phillips
Thur 1.24 Unsupervised Document Representation using Partition Word-Vectors Averaging Vivek Gupta
Thur 1.31 Visualizing line-like features – Cleaning up the mess Ingrid Hotz
Thur 2.07 no meeting (snow day recovery)
Thur 2.14 Fairness in Representation: Quantifying Stereotyping as a Representational Harm Mohsen Abbasi
Thur 2.21 Algorithms for Dictionary Learning Aditya Bhaskara
Thur 2.28 Distributed False Discovery Rate Control with Quantization Yu Xiang
Thur 3.07 @ 11am Theoretical Foundation and Coding Designs in Distributed Computation, Private Information Retrieval and Distributed Machine Learning Mingyue Ji
Thur 3.21 Decoding the Nature of the Universe with Observational Cosmology Kevin McCarthy
Thur 3.28 no meeting
Thur 4.04 Independent Range Sampling, Revisited Again Jeff Phillips
Thur 4.11 Attenuating Bias in Word Vectors Sunipa Dev
Thur 4.18 Corrected Moran's I Statistic Jian Ying