Data Group Meeting
Instructor : Jeff Phillips
Spring 2017 | Thursday 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm
Location : MEB 3147 (LCR)
Catalog number: CS 7941 01

This is the Data Group meeting, with friends. Enrolled students will hear and present cutting edge research in data mining, databases, and algorithms. This can be taken for 1-3 credits (consult with instructor before registering for more than 1), depending on how many presentations you will give. All are welcome to attend.
Date Topic Speaker
Thur 1.12 Breif Organizational Meeting no speaker
Fri 1.13 (5-6, Saltair room, Union) Distributed Streaming Algorithms in Realtime Data Mining Edo Liberty
Fri 1.20 (10am, WEB 3780) Large-Scale Data Processing with the SimSQL System Chris Jermaine
Thur 1.26 Relative Error Embeddings for the Gaussian Kernel Distance Jeff Phillips
Thur 2.02 (4pm, JWB 335) Dimension Reduction of Neuroimaging Data Analysis Dan Shen
Thur 2.09 From Silhouettes to Generative Shape Models: A Variational Bayesian Learning Approach Shireen Elhabian
Thur 2.16
Thur 2.23 Data Science to Decode Building Behavior Amanda Smith
Thur 3.02 presenting A multiple test correction for streams and cascades of statistical hypothesis tests Michael Matheny
Thur 3.09 presenting Faster sublinear algorithms via conditional sampling Maheshakya Wijewardena
-- presenting DBSCAN Revisited: Mis-Claim, Un-Fixability, and Approximation Atefeh Gh.Kashani
Thur 3.16 Spring Break!
Thur 3.23 presenting When and Why the Topological Coverage Criterion Works Nicholas Cavanna Tim Sodergren
Thur 3.30 Kernel Partial Least Squares Regression For Relating Functional Brain Network Topology to Clinical Measures Sourabh Palande
Thur 4.06 Convergence between Categorical Representations of Reeb Space and Mapper Bei Wang
Thur 4.13 Data-Driven Network Modeling for Efficient Transportation Xiaoyue Cathy Liu
Thur 4.20 PhD Defense Yan Zheng