Data Group Meeting
Instructor : Jeff Phillips
Spring 2016 | Thursday 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm
Location : MEB 3147 (LCR)
Catalog number: CS 7941 01

This is the Data Group meeting, with friends. Enrolled students will hear and present cutting edge research in data mining, databases, and algorithms. This can be taken for 1-3 credits (consult with instructor before registering for more than 1), depending on how many presentations you will give. All are welcome to attend.
Date Topic Speaker
Thur 1.14 Randomized Block Krylov Methods for Stronger and Faster Approximate Singular Value Decomposition Cameron Musco
Thur 1.21 Ridge Leverage Scores for Low-Rank Approximation Christopher Musco
Thur 1.28 A Generative Approach For Semi-Supervised Clustering Yen-Yun Yu
Thur 2.04 [talk postponed] no meeting
Thur 2.11 Expanders via Local Edge Flips Aditya Bhaskara
Thur 2.18 First-Order Iterative Methods in the Design of Fast Algorithms: from Multiplicative Weight Updates to Nesterov’s Method Lorenzo Orecchia
Thur 2.25 The Robustness of Estimator Composition Pingfan Tang
Thur 3.03 Data science at Recursion: diseases, to images, to math, to new treatments Blake Borgeson
Thur 3.10 Cosmology with Spectroscopic Surveys: Scientific Goals and Interpretation of Noisy Data Kyle Dawson
Thur 3.17 (Fall Break - No Class)
Thur 3.24 Managing Geographic Uncertainty in Spatial Decision Making Ran Wei
Thur 3.31 2-Edge Connectivity in Directed Graphs Ashkan Bashardoust
Thur 4.07 Online Aggregation and Ripple Join Robert Christensen
Thur 4.14 Two Cultures of Optimization | Faster Convex Optimization : Simulated Annealing with an Efficient Universal Barrier Aditya Bhaskara
Thur 4.23