WoNDP: 1st Workshop on Near-Data Processing

In conjunction with the

46th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-46)

Sunday, December 8th, 2013
Davis, California

Final Program:


1pm: Introduction by workshop organizers.

1:10pm-1:40pm: Keynote I: Near-Data Computation: It's Not (Just) About Performance, Steve Swanson (UCSD) .

1:40pm-2:10pm: Keynote II: Moore's Law is Dead. Long Live Moore's Law! Troy Manning (Micron) .

2:10pm-2:25pm: SQRL: Hardware Accelerator for Collecting Software Data Structures
Authors: Snehasish Kumar (Simon Fraser Univ.), Arrvindh Shriraman (Simon Fraser Univ.), Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan (IBM Research), Dan Lin (Simon Fraser Univ.), Jordon Phillips (Simon Fraser Univ.).

2:25pm-2:40pm: A Processing in Memory Taxonomy and a Case for Studying Fixed-Function PIM
Authors: Gabriel Loh, Nuwan Jayasena, Mark Oskin, Mark Nutter, David Roberts, Mitesh Meswani, Dong Ping Zhang, Mike Ignatowski (AMD Research).

2:40pm-2:55pm: XSD: Accelerating MapReduce by Harnessing GPU inside SSD
Authors: Benjamin Cho, Won Seob Jeong, Doohwan Oh, Won Woo Ro (Yonsei University).

2:55pm-3:10pm: Break

3:10pm-3:40pm: Keynote III Nanostores and Beyond: Why near-data processing might be real this time, Jichuan Chang (HP Labs) .

3:40pm-4:10pm: Keynote IV Everything Old is New Again... or What's Changed Since We Last Considered Near Memory Operations, Richard Murphy (Micron).

4:10pm-4:25pm: Spatio-Temporal Locality Characterization
Authors: Andreea Anghel, Gero Dittmann, Rik Jongerius, Ronald Luijten (IBM Research).

4:25pm-4:40pm: Data-triggered Multithreading for Near-Data Processing
Authors: Hung-Wei Tseng, Dean Tullsen (UCSD).

4:40pm-4:55pm: High-level Programming Model Abstractions for Processing in Memory
Authors: Michael Chu, Nuwan Jayasena, Dong Ping Zhang, Mike Ignatowski (AMD Research).