BetaJava Language

For the PLT Reduction Semantics Tool

This is a language for PLT Redex. The language is described in the paper Super and Inner - Together at Last!. PLT Redex is an add-on package to DrScheme ( Choose DrScheme's File | Install .plt File menu item and supply this url:

After downloading the files in this package, unpack them and place them somewhere convenient. To use the BetaJava language, you will want to (require "")

Once you have done so, you can use betjava-syntax, betjava-reductions/program, and betajava-reductions-expr/program to get the language and reductions needed to use PLT Redex functions. More information is provided in the README file included in this tarball.

tar, gzipped files needed for BetaJava language for PLT Redex

Super and Inner - Together at Last!: Paper in which the BetaJava language is described in detail.