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Re: [plt-scheme] XML and PLT - problem is parsing instructions!

At Mon, 10 Jun 2002 12:23:20 GMT, MJ Ray wrote:
> Paul Graunke <ptg@ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> > You did put a ? before the > at the end of your processing instruction, right?
> Related questions:
>   I can make-pi to generate PIs, but how do I read them again?
Using the (lib "xml.ss" "xml") collection, reading PIs should show up
as make-pi structures.  If your particular PI doesn't show up, please send
it to me (or a small one that has the same problem).

>   Do DOCTYPEs get eaten like comments?

DOCTYPES are supposed to go into the document structure.  At first,
the reader always put #f in that position, but later I added some support
for referring to external doctypes.
>   Does SSAX:XML->SXML really fall over on DOCTYPEs?

I haven't tried with the ssax library.
> Thanks in advance for any pointers and answers,

mzscheme doesn't support unicode, so neither does the (lib "xml.ss" "xml")