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Re: [plt-scheme] Annotative forms in expand-program?

> The simple answer: apply your compiler to those other modules!

	I have 18K for user code and data. If I implemented a MzScheme bytecode
interpreter for the RCX, I'd still have to run it and the user's code in 32K.
My point is that compiling in all the run-time support for Beginning Scheme
(plus my own syntactic extensions for motor-control primitives, etc.) is not
going to leave a lot of real space for user code once the support code is
compiled into the mix... besides, the checks will be absolutely meaningless on
the RCX--especially since I have no run-time support for things like
exceptions? I could use continuations as a way to implement exceptions,
except... while we left ourselves room to add support for call/cc in the
compiler, but we don't currently have it implemented. And even if I did have an
easy road to implementing these types of things, I have rather poor mechanisms
for communicating run-time type, arity, bounds checks to the user...

	Oy. Real systems...

> As far as your compiler goes, I would start with the MzScheme language
> before scaling up (probably you already plan to do that).


	Elch. I have a half-dozen questions that are all over the map related
to tying this code in--everything from basic implementation questionns to
extensibility to usability. I'll try and work them up into a coherent mess
before continuing.

	Again, thanks,