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Re: [plt-scheme] eval question

> >(with-input-from-file path
> >   (lambda ()
> >     (eval (read))))

Of course, I'll do this with load as was promised and is much simpler,

> Not only does this strike me as a bad idea from a 
> thinking-about-your-program-and-documenting-it-clearly standpoint,

what, exactly, should be documented? What this little bit of code does
is perfectly clear from an R5RS point of view.

> it's also a staggering security problem.

Yeah, if someone is in a real evil mood and alters the saved file.
Then again, it's not much different from the way a .emacs works, for

> john "but I'm the only one who will ever run this code!" clements

again: what should be documented or what else are you getting at?